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Removal, servicing and replacement of the front forks

Note: this was carried out on a 2007 ST1300, make allowances for changes in model years
This procedure begins on page xyzzy of the service manual.

Preparation needed:

Tools and Supplies


  • 17mm Hex Key - worthwhile investing in one since it is also used on the front axle.
  • 12mm wrench or socket for pinch bolts
  • 6mm long hex key for lower fork drain bolt
  • Fork seal insertion kit
  • Trolley or bottle jack to support the front of the bike while the front wheel is removed.
  • Workbench with a vice to hold the fork while it is being worked on


  • 1 large tub of elbow grease
  • Rags, paper towels or mechanics wipes to clean up spilled fork oil


  • Loosen the upper pinch bolt.
  • Loosen slightly the 17mm end cap on each fork, but don't remove it yet. Just break the torque so it can easily be removed after the fork is out.
  • Remove the Front Wheel. This comes down here so that you can grip the wheel while cracking the bolts on the end caps without putting stress on the brake lines,
  • Loosen the lower pinch bolts on each fork, supporting the fork while doing so.
  • Remove the fork.


The procedure is exactly as laid out in the You tube video. The only difference in the procedure is that the ST1300 does not have the clip around the top end of the fork to ensure that it seats at the same place, so care is needed to remount the fork flush with the top of the tree.


Reverse the Disassembly procedure.

Post-Service Checkout

  • Complete the Front Fork Alignment to ensure that the front wheel and handlebars are on the same page.
    • IDEA! Best done before the fairings are put back on!
  • Replace all of the items removed in the preparation section.

Web Address Detail TN based frame, forks, wheels and brake disk repair/straightening service CA based frame and fork straightening service

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