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Front Wheel Quick Guide

This procedure begins on page 15-13 of the service manual.

Tools and Supplies


  • Socket wrench
  • Sockets: 12mm, 22mm
  • Wrenches: 6mm hex wrench or socket
  • Rubber mallet or dead blow hammer
  • Torque wrench that can handle 22Nm, 31Nm, and 78Nm.
  • Feeler gauge set


  • General-purpose grease
  • Medium-duty thread lock (Loc-Tite Blue)
  • New caliper bolts (P/N xyzzy, optional)


Place the motorcycle on the center stand and elevate front wheel off the ground.

Remove the mounting bolts for the left and right brake calipers.

Support the brake calipers with bungee cords, string, etc, to keep them out of the way and keep pressure off the brake lines.

Loosen the right axle pinch bolts (right side as sitting on the bike).

Loosen the axle bolt but do not completely remove at this time.

Loosen the left axle pinch bolts (left side as sitting on the bike).

Gently tap on the axle nut with the rubber mallet/dead blow hammer to back out the axle. Be careful not to damage the threads on the axle nut.

Remove the axle nut, and remove the axle.

Remove the side collars.


Install the side collars.
  • IDEA! The thicker collar goes on the side with the ABS ring (the right side). If the collars are not on the correct sides, the brake disc will drag and not operate properly.

Clean off the axle and put a light coat of grease on the axle.

Install the wheel between front forks.

Install the axle from left side (as sitting on bike) and axle nut, don't torque yet.

Tighten the left axle pinch bolts to 22 N.m (16 lb-ft)

Install and tighten the axle bolt to 79 N.m (58 lb-ft)

Tighten the right axle pinch bolts to 22 N.m (16 lb-ft)

LOOSEN the left axle pinch bolts, sometimes you will see the axle unload some stress as you loosen, this is OK.

Reinstall the right and left front brake calipers, tighten bolts to 31 N.m (23 lb-ft)

Operate the front brake and pump the forks several times to seat the axle.

Tighten the left axle pinch bolts to 22 N.m (16 lb-ft)

Check the wheel for free rotation.

Make sure the axle end is flush with the fork leg outer surface (pic on pg 15-19 of service manual).

Post-Service Checkout

On ABS models, verify that the gap between the pulser ring and the wheel speed sensor is 0.4-1.2 mm (0.02-0.05 in).

Apply the front and rear brakes several times and verify that the gap between the brake disc and caliper bracket on each side is at least 0.7 mm (0.03 in).

Verify that the wheel spins freely.

Verify that the front brake does not drag.

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