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Upper Fairing Removal Quick Guide

This procedure begins on page xyzzy of the service manual.

Tools and Supplies


  • JIS cross-point screwdriver
    • ALERT! A conventional Phillips screwdriver will work but is likely to strip the heads of the screws.
    • IDEA! A suitable tool is provided as part of the pre-2006 tool kit. (Honda P/N 99003-10000, requires handle P/N 89103-538-000)
    • IDEA! JIS Screwdriver sets are also available from Internet suppliers, craft and modelling shops. Most US based Auto-Parts stores have never heard of JIS.
  • 8mm socket or wrench
  • 10mm socket or wrench




Remove the Windshield and height adjusters

Windshield motor cover

This will allow access to the windshield slides for lubrication and maintenance, without removing the headlight cowl
DSC00595.JPG Remove 4 pull-plugs (small plastic plugs with an extra cap on top), one on either side above the mirrors and two on the top edge of the dash.

Remove 4 push-plugs (small plastic plugs with a recessed spot in the middle), all located under where the windshield would cover them.

remove 4 JIS screws from the top front plate of the dash DSC00597.JPG
Remove the Windshield motor cover

Headlight Cowl

If the headlight cowl is to come off, remove only the JIS screws in the Windscreen Motor section above, as the cover will come off as a single piece with the headlight cowl.

DSC00599.JPG Remove the Wing mirror mounting bolts - 8mm - and remove the wing mirrors
While holding the front of the headlight, remove 4 jis screws from the back of the headlight DSC00601.JPG
DSC00600.JPG Remove 2 jis screws from the wing mirror mount locations, steadying the headlight with one hand. The headlight is only being held by 3 rubber supports, and can easily slip off!
Disconnect the rubber retainer from the headlight and remove the headlight cowl. Look closely at the center of the V in the headlights and you will see a black rubber retainer. This is what supports the headlight, there are two more on the forward frame DSC00602.JPG

Headlight Removal

If needed

  • Pull the headlight forward off the rubber retainers. Place it on a piece of cloth resting on the front wheel. I place a seat in front and use my knees to hold it while taking the connections off.
  • Pull out the marker lights, which are in a press fit rubber housing - lots of wiggle and they will come out.
  • Disconnect the electric headlight positioning unit -depress the tab on the plug and it pulls out.
  • Remove the tip-over sensor - 8mm socket and JIS screws - you'll know it when you see it, its the only part on a bike that has a label that reads "this side up" !!
  • Remove the headlight assembly and store it carefully

IDEA! Keep in mind that the wires you are taking off are the only thing preventing the headlight from hitting the floor!

Instrument Panel Removal

If needed
  • Peel back the electrical cover on the back of the instrument panel.
  • Remove 2 electrical connection plugs by depressing the black tab and pulling the plugs out. The white part comes out WITH the black surround!
  • Remove the dash panel and instrument cluster




Reverse the Disassembly procedure.

Post-Service Checkout

Check, while assembling, that the instument panel functions correctly (if removed), and that all lights in the headlight cluster work properly (if removed).

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