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Fairing Removal Quick Guide

The full procedure begins on page 2-5 of the service manual.

Tools and Supplies


  • Socket wrench
  • Sockets: 8mm
  • 5mm hex wrench or socket bit
  • JIS cross-point screwdriver
    • ALERT! A conventional Phillips screwdriver will work but may strip tight screws.
    • IDEA! A suitable tool is provided as part of the pre-2006 tool kit. (Honda P/N 99003-10000, requires handle P/N 89103-538-000)
  • Plastic keeper box with nine compartments (optional, but helpful, an egg carton is a good candidate!)


None required.


Place the bike on the center stand.

Remove the saddle.

Remove the saddlebags.

Fairing Removal

Side Covers

Remove the three bolts that hold the side covers to the side of the bike. 5mm Hex

Remove the side cover from the bike by swinging the front end out and up.
  • IDEA! When removing the left side cover, pull out the center stand grab handle.

Inner Lower Cowl

Remove two trim clips at the top.

Remove two screws at the bottom. Philips

The cowl piece will not come out until the lower cowl is removed. (See below.)

Lower Cowl

Remove three trim clips from the bottom where the cowls meet under the inner lower cowl.

Remove one trim clip from the top of the lower cowl where it attaches to the middle cowl.

Remove five retainer bolts from each side.

Mirror Covers

Disconnect the bottom edge of the rubber from the lower inside corner of the mirror housing.

Remove the mirror housing from the middle cowl by giving the outer edge a "pop" with the palm of your hand.

Disconnect the turn signal and running light connectors.

Remove the retaining strap from the middle cowl.

Engine Guard Covers

Remove one retaining bolt from the underside of the cover.

Release the cover from the middle cowl by squeezing it and swinging the rear end outward.

Inner Cowls

Remove two trim clips from the inboard edge of the top of the middle cowl (near the fairing pocket, facing the triple tree).

Remove the screw that holds the cowl to the underside of the headlight assembly.

Remove three trim clips.

Remove the inner cowls.

On the right side, the outside air temperature sensor must be disconnected from the wiring harness.
  • IDEA! Some find it easier to unscrew the Phillips head screw that holds the sensor to the cowl and remove that instead.

Middle Cowl

Remove two bolts and collars from either end of the engine guard.

Remove the bolt from above the valve cover opening.

Remove the two lowest screws in the recess where the mirror housing attaches.

Open the fairing pocket and remove two Phillips screws.

Remove the middle cowl by pulling out on the lower section, lifting the top part around the frame member and pulling the entire thing outward.
  • ALERT! There are small plastic tabs that align the middle cowl with the headlight assembly. Be careful not to break them off.
  • ALERT! On the left side, unclip the white connector bundle from the inside of the fairing before removing.


Complete the steps above in reverse.

ALERT! When reinstalling the middle cowl, be sure the alignment tabs are properly inserted into the headlight assembly.

Post-Service Checkout

None required.
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