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The CommercialGMRSRadio Kit


This kit is compatible with the following AutoCom products:

Model Socket
SuperPro AVi AUX5
Pro7 Sport AUX
Active7 Sport* AUX

All models must be operating on external 12V.

*Autocom does not officially support powering bike-to-bike radios through this model. It has been tested successfully on one unit so far. Use of one of these kits on this model is entirely at your own risk.

What's Included

  • Kenwood TK-350(G), programmed with the KenwoodTK350StandardLoad
  • Custom power tap cable suitable for connection to any of the models listed above. An extra coil of power cable is included should you want to install an in-line switch to control power to the radio.
  • AutoCom Part 1429 adapter cable, pre-married to the power tap cable
  • MX-to-BNC adapter preinstalled on the radio (unscrews easily)
  • Lowepro D-Pods 20 camera pouch


The price for members of ST-Owners only is $112.50, shipped anywhere in the U.S. via Priority Mail. These are being built as a service to the group at cost and will not be produced in large quantities for random people at this price.

Important Notes


The radios are used, acquired from private parties, surplus auctions, etc. They may have cosmetic imperfections, but they will be tested prior to shipment and guaranteed not to be DOA. Beyond that, the radios are not guaranteed.

The power tap cable will be repaired or replaced if it fails within six months of arrival.

Radio Variants

Kenwood offered a DTMF keypad option for the radio. Some radios may have this option, and some won't. If you have a specific use for it, let me know and I will make sure you get one if I have radios with keypads.

Some radios may bear Futronics labeling. These radios are identical to the Kenwood model.


Because there's a wide array of options, no antenna is included with this kit. The included MX-to-BNC adapter will be useful if you're going to run a wire to an external antenna. If you want an antenna that will screw directly into the radio, try Affordable Radio's eBay store. Any UHF antenna with an MX connector will work.

-- MarkFeit - 26 Sep 2007
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