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Thermostat Replacement Quick Guide

ALERT! This is (obviously) a work in progress.

Tools and Supplies


  • Tool 1
  • Tool 2
  • ...etc...


  • If using the OEM thermostat:
    • Thermostat (Honda P/N 19300-MBT-003)
    • 43.5x2 O-Ring (Honda P/N 91361-SF4-951)

  • ...etc...


Remove the fairing. (See FairingRemovalQuickGuide.)

Drain the coolant. (See CoolantChangeQuickGuide.)


Step 1

Step 2


Post-Service Checkout

Start the engine.

Let the engine idle until the radiator fans have gone through three on/off cycles.

Shut the engine down.

Inspect all disassembled areas for leakage.

Watch the level in the coolant recovery tank over the next several rides and top off as necessary.


Replace the fairing (see FairingRemovalQuickGuide)
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