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Understanding Honda Part Numbers

General Parts

Function Component   Product   Modification Process Design Color Code
12 345 - 678 - 901 AB

Function - Identifies the general function in which this part is used (e.g., brakes, frame, etc.)

Component - A numbered component within the function (e.g., Left Brake Rotor, Brake Caliper)

Product - The product code for the model on which the part belongs. Some parts which are used on multiple models retain their original product code.

Modification Process Design - A code used to designate parts suppliers and revision number. The first character is believed to indicate the supplier that manufactures a part. The third is generally believed to be a revision number, which has been verified with several parts. The second is unknown and may be part of the supplier code or revision number.

Color Code - The color code for painted parts as specified in the service manual. These two characters do not appear on unpainted parts.
  • IDEA! This is not the paint code, which is usually two letters followed by three digits and optionally one letter (i.e, PB-255P for Pearl Coronado Blue)

Common Parts

Function Type   Dimensions   ISO Standard Surface Treatment
12 345 - 67890 - 1 2

Function and Type - Describe what the part is (e.g.,, all pan screws are 93500)

Dimensions - Indicates the part's major dimensions. Composition varies by function and type. (For example: A certain M6x22 flanged bolt is 96001-06022-00. Its M6x30 counterpart is 96001-06030-00.)

ISO Standard - Indicates what ISO standard the part meets. Not present on all parts.

Surface Treatment - Indicates any special treatment the surface of the part has been given. Not present on all parts.


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