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Changing the Motor Oil


  1. Four quarts of your favorite MotorOil
  2. A replacement OilFilter

From Your ToolBox

  1. Sockets: 17mm
  2. Torque wrench
  3. Oil filter wrench
  4. Oil catcher


FWIW, my first change was with the bike on the center stand, by the book. I couldn't avoid dripping oil down the center stand as I removed the oil filter. Created a bigger mess than I wanted.

The next time, I left it on the side stand with a much easier and neater result. The process is:

1. Purchase a filter cap wrench for 3/8 inch drive for the oil filter. In the U.S., most auto parts stores have them for a few dollars. Just take a new filter with you for sizing.

2. Warm up engine then stop and put bike on side-stand.

3. Remove the right plastic maintenance lid and the right plastic overhead cover to expose the oil fill cap and remove cap. In spite of what the service manual says, this is the only plastic that has to come off (no cowls come off).

4. Working from left side, remove drain plug and drain into shallow pan, expect about 4 qts. Re- install drain plug with new washer and torque to 22 ft-lbs. Some people flip the washer and then replace with a new one every other oil change, the manual states replace each time.

5. Working from right side, with your left hand, pull down center-stand enough to provide clearance for oil filter wrench/ratchet and then loosen oil filter. Remove the old oil filter and with the center-stand up. Visually check to make sure old rubber seal comes off with old oil filter. Oil the seal on the new oil filter and install new oil filter (hand tight).

6. Now put bike on center stand and fill with oil per owner's manual. Check level using procedure in owner's manual. Look for leaks.

My personal choice is to let the bike sit overnight and drain without running the engine and let the oil drain an hour or so, because I get more old oil out that way and don't burn myself. But, the air temp has to be above say 70F for the oil to drain well and this is not convenient in many instances.

Here in the U.S, Honda requires us to keep receipts and good records for any mantenance we do.

-- MarkFeit - 02 Apr 2005
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