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KenwoodTK350 Diagnostic Dump

This procedure is used to extract certain tuning parameters from a TK-350.


  1. Print a copy of this page. (Printable version)
  2. Turn the radio off.
  3. Hold the Lamp (below the large push-to-talk button) and D/A buttons while turning the radio on.
  4. Continue holding both buttons until SEL appears in the display.
  5. Release both buttons.
  6. Press LO.
  7. Press SCN.
  8. The display will show two numbers, one on the left (small digits) and one on the right (large digits). In the Parameter Table below, go to the row numbered the same as the left-hand number and record the right-hand number under Value.
  9. Press and release the Lamp button.
  10. Repeat the previous two steps until the display shows END.
  11. Turn the radio off.

ALERT! Do not touch the channel selector knob during this procedure, as it will change the parameters stored in the radio. Improper changes can have an adverse effect on the performance of your radio and its compliance with FCC rules.

Parameter Table

No. Name Value
1 WB Squelch  
2 WB RF High Power  
3 WB RF Med Power  
4 WB RF Low Power  
5 WB Max Deviation  
6 WB DQT Balance  
7 WB QT Fine Deviation  
8 WB DQT Fine Deviation  
9 WB DTMF Fine Deviation  
10 Power Source  
15 NB Squelch  
16 NB Max Deviation  
17 NB DQT Balance  
18 NB QT Fine Deviation  
19 NB DQT Fine Deviation  
20 NB DTMF Fine Deviation  

-- MarkFeit - 20 Oct 2007
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