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Audiovox CCS100 Information

Cable and Connector Pinouts

Servo Unit

Pin Color Description
1 Brown Switched +12VDC
2 Grey Speed Sensor (Not used on motorcycles)
3 Red Constant +12VDC*
4 Purple Brake (Apply +12V when braking)
5   N/C
6 Yellow Resume
7   N/C
8 Green Set
9 Black Ground
10 Blue Tachometer

*The installation manual contradicts itself on this line. One diagram refers to it as "Brake 1" and another says it should be connected to the side of the brake light switch fed by the battery. Most installations seem to simply connect it to the same source as the brown wire.

Control Pad

Color Label Description
Red IGN Switched +12VDC
Brown ON On Button (Shorts to IGN when closed)
Yellow RES Resume Button (Shorts to IGN when closed)
Grey PARK +12V for Backlighting
Green SET Set Button (Shorts to IGN when closed)
Black GRD Ground

Servo Unit Programming

Switch Settings

Pulses Per Minute (SW1/SW2)

  • 2,000 - OFF/OFF
  • 4,000 - ON/OFF
  • 5,000 - OFF/ON
  • 8,000 - ON/ON

Speed Signal (SW3)

  • Tach Only - OFF
  • Tach and VSS - ON

Sensitivity (SW4/SW5)

  • Low (High power-to-weight) - ON/OFF
  • Medium (Most vehicles) - OFF/OFF
  • High (Low power-to-weight) - OFF/ON

Control Switch (SW6)

  • Normally Closed - OFF
  • Normally Open - OFF

Tach Source (SW7)

  • ECM - OFF
  • Coil - ON

Transmission Select (Jumper)

  • Automatic - Closed
  • Manual - Open

Preferred Switch Settings

  SW1 SW2 SW3 SW4 SW5 SW6 SW7 Jumper
ST1300 with Reservoir ON OFF OFF ON OFF OFF ON OPEN

Further Reading

-- MarkFeit - 27 Apr 2008

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