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Title Bars

Title Bar

When the 500c firmware displays something that it thinks needs a title bar, it loads Dialogs/TitleBar.gif and displays it at the top of the screen overlaid with the name of the dialog box or menu. The only size that seems to work is 320x25. Taller images don't cause the text to be centered on the Y axis.

Close Button

The size of Dialogs/ExitPsh.gif determines how large an area in the title bar will be used to trigger closing the dialog. The area is the width and height of the image and is anchored at the top right corner of the screen.

When the close area is touched, it is overlaid with ExitPsh.gif. Note that if the image is sufficiently wide, it will obscure all or part of the title text added by the firmware when the button is pressed.

-- MarkFeit - 12 Mar 2006
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