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Large Button Rendering Bug

Observed By Firmware Version Build Fixed
MarkFeit 1.7.0 JR1400C Not Yet
MarkFeit 1.4.0 AC16417F Not Yet


The border on an AbsoluteButton wider than 50 pixels don't render properly. The firmware appears to render a border bitmap (with all four sides) at the left and right ends of the button without regard for its actual width.

Note that for buttons taller than 50 pixels, the left and right edges render properly.


  1. Download and unpack it into the unit's Skins directory.
  2. Switch to the BUG-LargeButton skin.
  3. Return to the map.
  4. Observe that the 50x50 button renders properly by all of the others do not.

-- MarkFeit - 01 Jul 2006
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