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Spark Plug Change Quick Guide

The full procedure begins on page 3-7 of the service manual.

Tools and Supplies


  • Spark plug feeler gauge (wire-type)
  • Spark plug gap adjustment tool
  • Torque wrench that can cover 16 N-m (12 lb-ft)
  • Sockets: 10mm
  • Spark plug wrench
    • IDEA! The wrench provided in the 2002-2005 tool kit (Honda P/N 89216-MBG-000) works extremely well.
    • IDEA! The shaft on the wrench fits a 10mm socket or box wrench.


  • Four spark plugs
    • IDEA! The standard plug is NGK CR7EH-9 (Honda P/N 98059-57916)


Place bike on center stand.

Remove the right- and left-side maintenance access covers.

Remove the right- and left-side valve cover trim.

Remove the spark plug wires and push them aside.

Spark Plug Replacement

Check the gap of a new spark plug and set it to 0.80-0.90mm (0.031-0.035 in).
  • IDEA! New plugs are typically pre-gapped at the factory, but checking them before installation is a good idea.

Remove the old spark plug.

Install the new spark plug, stopping when the plug makes contact with the seat of the plug hole.

Torque the plug:
  • When installing a new plug, turn the plug a half-turn after the sealing washer meets the seat of the plug hole.
  • When reinstalling an old plug, torque to 16 N-m (12 lb-ft).

Repeat for the remaining cylinders.


Install the spark plug wires.

Install the left-and right-side valve cover trim.

Install the left- and right-side maintenance access covers.

Post-Service Checkout

Check that the engine runs smoothly.

After a ride and the bike has cooled, remove the spark plug wires and inspect the holes for signs of leakage.

-- MarkFeit - 01 Mar 2008
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