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Corrections to the ST1300 Service Manual

Chapter 5: Fuel System

PGM-FI Self-Diagnosis Malfunction Indicator Lamp Failure Codes: Codes 25 and 26 are reversed. Code 25 is for the right knock sensor, code 26 is for the left one. (Source:, post #10)
  • IDEA! There is some question about which editions of the service manual to which this applied.

Left Knock Sensor Open Circuit Inspection: The Yes and No outcomes are reversed. If there is no continuity, the wiring is faulty.

Chapter 16: Rear Wheel/Suspension

Rear Wheel Removal: The rear axle nut and axle should be removed before attempting to remove the rear caliper.

Chapter 17: Hydraulic Brake

Rear Brake Caliper / Assembly: The main caliper slide pin should be torqued to 32 N-m / 20 lb-ft., not the 69 N-m / 51 lb-ft. listed.

Chapter 22: Lights, Meters, Switches

Fan Motor Relay, Headlight Relay and Main Stop Relay: The relays should show continuity when 12V is applied to the coil.

Side Stand Switch: There should be continuity on the switch when the stand is raised.
  • IDEA! This appears to have been corrected in manuals published after 2007.

Chapter 23: Wiring Diagrams

All single-throw relays are normally-open, not normally-closed as indicated by the schematic symbols.

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