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Several of us have installed The Honda Police Switch on our ST1300's. The Honda part no. is 35150-MAJ-T31. -- LeoPalmer - 08 Apr 2005

Switch Connector Pinout

Looking into the police switch red female connector with security tab to the right:

| 1 2 3 |
| 4 5 6 |tab
| 7 8 9 |

Pin Wire Color Signal
1 w/g brake
2 bl/w kill/start - start circuit completes even when kill off
3 bl/y kill/start - start circuit completes only when kill on
4 br/bu park
5 br/w park
6 g/y brake
7 bu/w headlight
8 y/r start
9 bl/r headlight

Looking into the stock switch red female connector with security tab to the right (same = same as police switch)

Pin Wire Color Signal
1 bl same
2 bl/w same
3 w/bl same
4 empty  
5 empty  
6 bl same
7 bu/w same
8 y/r same
9 bl/r same

So the pswitch (UK version) is plug and play for the red connector. I tried this out and the kill, start and headlight switch worked as they should. Bike fired up no problem. I expect that the North American version of the Pswitch is the same as the UK one except for the graphics, but have no way of verifying it. My bike is a 2003 ABS - Canadian spec.

Note that with the headlight switch off, you still get the parking, tail and position lights on. This is also true with the headlight switch set to park. Headlight comes on only with the switch set to H. This makes sense given the empty slots on the stock connector where the park switch would complete the circuit in Europe. I am thinking about clipping a wire that controls the park/position etc. lights on mine and routing it to the empty slots (ie. pins 4 and 5) so that I could turn all the lights off when I want to. I've yet to determine the correct stock wire. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. Right now I am looking at the 10 amp fuse that controls the neutral/oil/tach/position/speedo/meter lights/tail lights. However I don't like the idea of a switch continously handling presumably up to 10 amps. I also don't care for the thought of having all my instruments/idiot lights not functioning when the switch is off. What I really want is a wire than simply provides the power to the light (position near headlight/position on turn indicators/tail lights. By way of additional information - I can also confirm that the 9 pin Hitachi connectors I purschased from Electrical Connections are a direct plug-in to the switch harness. I intend to make a new connector with wires for various accessories for the 9 pin green + the single bullet.

Source: ST1300.US user Daryl in this thread.
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